Chaotic Neutral
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
5ft 11in
140 lbs
Strawberry Blonde
Stat Bonuses and Negatives:(INT)+1, (Dex)+4, (Wis)+3
Hit Points110Defense+7 on D30
Level18Divine Resist+15 on D30
EXP68,441Luck+11 on D30
EXP to Next100,001Willpower+13 on D30
T.H.T.Attack: (+9)
Prayer: (+8)
Song: (+0)
Spell: (+0)
Melee DMG+0
(Armor & Weapons)
Dagger of the Druidess: (d4+3 tht/+5 dmg) A total mithiril dagger, from blade to hilt. The blade is finely sharpened and has spines on one end. The hilt (colored by a brilliant copper and gold hue) is mithiril also, with great vines with flowers molded into it. The vines drape down and around the long hilt and stretch out over the end, encasing a glass orb with a bright red rose inside it. Two emeralds lay where the blade meets the hilt on both sides.
Whip (d6),
Vortex Long Bow (d12+5Tht & Dmg. Dex +\'s are added to dmg +8 Impact dmg, Con save or srun d4 rounds)(When the string is pulled back a magical arrow appears notched,when fired the arrow forms into a spear of energy) (Has unbreakable bowstring, nulling d4 weapon loss on a roll of 1 or 2)
Green Dragon Scale Armor: Armor formed entirely of large green dragonís scales cut to appear as feathers. Arranged and fastened together with stiff leather and sparse metals. Protects the majority of the body effectively but is distinctly feminine and leaves the form somewhat exposed. (60% soak, No defense penalty)
Boots of displacement (+2 Defense)
Gauntlets of the Druidess: +2 Prayer ThT, +1 Attack, +2 Wis Checks
Simple platinum ring: Grants wearer wings anytime for 1d5 rounds
Necklace of dreams: 1 charm blue flower & bird (+1 CHA), 1 charm black throne (+1 WP), 1 charm feather fan (+1 D/R), 1 cloak charm (-1 init)
Heavy bedroll
Heavy Robe
Ice petal rose (Can be brewed by a level 12 priest to create a elixer that cures all diseases)
Ring of Clear though(+1 Wis)
Ring of Acid Resistance - +20% soak on Acid effects.
Container of grease
Ressurection Herbs (Ressurects one fallen ally to 1HP)
Silver fork pendant (+3 tht druid prayers)
Oak Bracelet ( +3 tht druid prayers)
Animal Ally: Falcon
Small necklace, with a pendant shaped into a symbol of a round burning son,with two snakes facing each other over it
Trans-Plane Herb: Allows for the user to be transported into the spirit realm, and stay there so long as there is smoke from the burnt herb in the air. Should they be suddenly removed they suffer withdrawl, and pain. A gradual reduction, or a consciouss effort to leave (Will Power) leads to leaving without symptomes. Herb is non-addictive, or harmful, unless used for a prolonged amount of time (Also used for astral projection.)
Eagle pendent (Grants flight) A silver pendent perfectly crafted and suposedly containing the soaring heart of an eagle.
Rowan staff (Ancent staff worn with age which contians great power)
Ancent tome of Druidec knolage... may contain powerfull magics.
Owner of a small Isle off the Blood Coast, 50,000 acres, and 25 wineries.
Plantation house, built in Giant mystical ancient oak over looking vinyards
16,937,280 Gold
Emerald(5000 gp)
183 rubies (250 gp each)
Polished Ivory Scroll case, a Golden Dragon of pure gold is curled around the Item( ancient art 10,000 GP)
Art piece (750gp)
Small pouch(19 small cut rubies 100gp each)
4 3x3 red dragon scales
7 Rubies (100gp ea)
dragon tallon 4\'
Crimson Stone (3000gp)
Pearl Necklace (1500gp)
Two spell scrolls (Must be written by Brooke and approved by Mariner and Grace or RGM or DMystress)
Nizar (Fox) 25 hp, 15 all stats, 1d6 claw and bite attack, 1 attack per round
Anubis (Baby Bronze Wyvern)
(Languages)Common, Elven, Druadic
(Skills, Trades, Talents, etc)
Master Herbalism
Master Alechemist

Direction Sense: wisdom check rolled at +1. Uses terrain, stars and so forth to determine which direction he or she is headed.
Speed: The ability to move with greater speed. +1 to defense, +2 to all rolls concerning speed.
Endurance: Character can move farther longer without ill effects - can go for two days without rest
Mental Casting: Magicker can cast spells without speaking or gestures. [Silent Casting Required]
Greater Spell Focus: +3 Tht to the casting of all magicks. [Spell Focus Required]
Eponas whisper: Calls upon an ancent goddess of the horse to provide a powerful speedy stead at any time or place.
Concentration: Deeper concentration allows Magicker to cast spells despite distraction (+1 magick Tht)
[Class Skills]
Animal Forms: The druid may choose a form that they may shift into at will. This is rolled as a druid prayer:
First Form: Mountain Lion; Second Form: Great Horned Owl
(Prayers, Songs, Spells)
Level 1
Mershi's Gift, Touch of Light, Thorns of Pain, Myst of Hiding
Level 2
Healing Light, Tangled Up, Shaped Tree, Flame Production, Dazzeling Fire
Level 3
Breath of Air, Poison, Diminish Objects, Ice Ward, Fire Ward, Cure Disease
Level 4
Summon Nature\'s Ally, Sleet Storm, Wall of Fire, Neutralize Poison
Level 5
Reincarnate, Summon Fire Ants, Fire Storm, Death Ward, Ice Ward, Dissipate Mist
Level 6
Chameleon, Night Shield, Accelerated Growth, Woodland Rush, Serpent's Bite
Level 7
purify soil, furious winds, disease ward, lightning storm, poison ward, razor winds
[Special Spells]
Touch of Nature (Granted by Mershi)
Damage: none
Saving Throw: none
Description: With this spell, Brooke can bring back creatures and animals. Provided the death occured one day before the casting of the spell.
Character Description:
Brooke is a tall woman, who might stand out in a crowd for that reason, but she rarely finds herself in crowds. In the woods she blends in as if she were a part of them, and truly she dresses as any druid or ranger might. She is usually seen with a few feathers in her unruly locks of golden coloured hair, and she dresses in earthy browns and greens, usually in a simple, but tight pair of pants, a pair of leather boots and a top that laces up in the front. She always wears leather round her lower arms, or fingerless gloves, lest she hurt herself with her bowstring. She carries all her things more or less, on a belt round her waist.
Character History:
Brooke grew up as a merchant's daughter, her father who had come into wealth by his own hard work trading and the like, and her who was fragile in all means that he could teach her to be, like a lady he would easily sell off to a richer family when she came of age. Brooke did not have a favourable relationship with her father, who was bitter that she still existed as her elven mother had died during her childbirth. Brooke saw the forest as her mother and her father, and often ran off there, only to be found and beaten when she returned, into obedience as he saw it. She had help now and then, from the owner of one of her father\'s ships, or somebody of the like, one she was particularly fond of, and thought to run off with and marry, was struck down by her father for interferance. She had to get away, and that she did. She packed up her things, or rather the most modest and plain clothing she owned, and set off a week before her planned wedding date, to get lost in the wood. She this time, didn\'t stop walking to look at the trees, and continued on and on until she collapsed, slept and awoke to do the same thing again. She waited weeks, months, in a cave she found, and none came. She remained lost in her wood until she sought to come out again...

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