Lawful Neutral
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
6ft 3in
195 lbs
Light Blonde
Stat Bonuses and Negatives:Str (+3), Dex (+3), Wis (+1)
Hit Points50Defense+5 on D30
Level7Divine Resist+3 on D30
EXP2725Luck+2 on D30
EXP to Next3251Willpower+2 on D30
T.H.T.Attack: (+5)
Prayer: (+0)
Song: (+0)
Spell: (+0)
Melee DMG+3
(Armor & Weapons)

Jewel Encrusted Short sword- ( 2d4+4dmg +5 lightning damage on a crit hit) Sword given to the reluctant guardians of the key to aid them in keeping Lyra out of the wrong hands.
2 Broadswords (d12)
3x Spike Balls. (d5+8 dmg each ball. Thrown all at once dmg is tripled.)

Red Dragon Scale bracers 25% fire soak
Elven Medallion - Seemingly made of bark this medalion is as hard as steel -Given to Alex by Koraleth prince of the wood Elves, Prevents him from turning fully to stone, Instead one afflicted with the curse of the Gargoyle has their skin harden during daylight hours, giving them +1 to defense. On the back is inscribed "Continue your struggle for what is right even when your own kind think differently"
Theater Badge
Vodka Summoner
Ring of Rhiannon, A signent ring of the Goddess Rhiannon with the symbol of wings embracing a blue light (+1 regen per round)
Helm of the Ox; +2 to all STR checks when worn
Earring of Light; +2 attack tht
Bonded Mount: Phalantax (+10 All THTs, +12 All Saves. (Str 14 Dex 19 Con 18 Int 18 Wis 15 Char 14) Talon attack 2d6+5, Flame Tail Attack 2d8+4
Amulet of Spell Absorbtion 50% (reflect on 90-100)
40,748 Gold

Head of a Younger Red Dragon
ruby pendant with the engraving of a crow (10,000g value)
1 very odd dragon scale. The scale looks to be twisted and formed with 1 crystal drago
Gold coin that has a picture of Her winking on one side and a Dragon on the other. Gained the blessing of Grandfather Flounder, giving him a perm. +1 on his divine saves as long as he remains of good AL(Factored in Above)
(Languages)Common, Angelic, Elven
(Skills, Trades, Talents, etc)
Green-toned Skin
[Death Penalties]
[Racial Abilities]
Angels can cast healing light on one target (heals d8+2hp) at a +3tht, two times a day.
Angels can cast healing blast on all targets within 10ft (heals d10+2) at a +2tht one time daily.
Angels have a natural 20% soak on elemental wind damage.
Angels can cast as a free action, Holy aura. This aura is harmless however it lights a radius of light 15ft from the angel. Angels can cast this twice daily
Gargoyals have dark vision, and see as well at night as they would normally as they would as their previous selves in the daylight.
Gargoyals have skin that is always as hard as stone, and gain a natural 25% soak.
Tradesman Cook
Master Armorsmith
Master MetalSmith
Lethal advance: - 1 to init
Speed: The ability to move with greater speed. +1 to defence, +2 to all rolls concerning speed.
Strength: The ability to attack with greater strength. +1 to melee damage +2 to all rolls concerning strength
Blind-fighting: the ability to fight without negatives when a character can't see
Greater Ambidexterity: the ability to fight at a greater level with both hands. +3 to defence and one extra attack per round.
(Prayers, Songs, Spells)
Character Description:
A 6'3 human like man, a narrow, unharmed face, with an athletic, muscular build. His hair flows down to about his waist, and is normally in a pony tail .
Character History:
Alexander, a lesser angel, was called upon by Kazbin to serve in the mortal realm, chaos begining to unveil itself. Taking this mission given to him, he flew in great haste, to join his mortal counterparts in the battle against the chaos.

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