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Guild Bank

When you join Torrent you will receive a tatoo of the Torrent crest, the water dragon, galleon, and nautical star. The tattoo will fade within two days of application and will be placed on the right biscep. This will allow you telepathic communication with others that have the tattoo. It will also allow you to create a portal to The Temple of Avolonia in Crimson Bay (takes 1d3 rounds to open) so when out at sea you can return home for emergencies.. or pleasure.

You will also receive a weapon belt speceficaly designed for weapons that will not get caught in rigging. The belt will be magicaly intune to you, no one can take a weapon from it but you. What's a pirate without his weapon? (The belt also gives +1 attack)


Each salary will be dependent on rank and the effort put into your job. In times of war, bonuses are offered. If the Admiral chooses, bonuses are also offered for extremely dangerous missions. An advance can be taken but must be worked out between you and Admiral Delito Faragho or Master and Commander Harshal Strongarm.