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Weopon: Cost: Dmg: Range: Wgt: Effect:

Celtic Great axe 500gp D12 Melle 18 lbs Gashing, goreing
Double bladed Axe 350gp D10 melee 30lbs Gashing
Dwarven war Axe 800gp D12 melle 15lbs Gashing
Titan axe 2500gp 2D10 melee 100lbs Gashing
Throwing axe 70gp D4 throwing 4lbs piercing
Two Handed Axe 550gp 2D6 melee 20lbs Gashing


Barbarian's pride 1000 GP 2D6 melee 20lbs Bashing
Barbarian Stonehammer 800 GP 2D4 melee 15lbs Bashing
Bone club 150Gp d4 melee 6lbs bashing
Bone Mace 300gp d6 melee 8lbs bashing
Club 150gp d6 melee 10lbs bashing
Flail 300Gp d8 melee 10lbs Bash, pokafect
Great Club 450Gp d10 melee 15lbs bashing
Great Flail 600gp d10 melee 18lbs Bashing
Great Mace 500Gp d10 melee 16lbs bashing
Greal Maul 1400 GP 2d6 melee 50lbs bashing
Mace 250Gp d8 melee 10lbs bashing
Morning star 650gp d8 melee 14lbs bash, gash
Oak Staff 600GP d8 melee 4lbs bashing
Quater Staff 600gp d8 melee 14lbs thunking
Rod of Steel 1200gp d10 melee 24lbs bashing


Comp Long bow 500Gp - range 4lbs range
Comp short bow 35Gp - range 3lbs range
Crossbow 75Gp - range 6lbs Range
Elven Bow 1500Gp - range 1lb range
Hand held cross bow 500Gp - range -1lb range
Heavy cross bow 1000gp - range 8lbs range


Armor piercing LB(20) 250gp d10 range 1lbs piercing
Hand Held Cross bow bolts (20) 150 gp d4 Range 1lbs piercing
Assassin tipped hand CB bolts(20) 500GP 2d3 Range 1lbs Piercing
BARBED TIP Heavy CB bolts (20) 800gp d12 range 3lbs piercing
Cross bow bolts(20) 400gp d8 range 1lb Cpiercing
Elven arrows(20) Elven long bow ONLY 1000gp d12 range 1lbs piercing
Heavy crossbow bolts(20) 300gp d10 range 2lbs piercing
razor tipped LB(20) 750gp d12 range 2lbs piercing
Short Bow arrows(20) 150gp d6 range 1lbs piercing


Assasin's dagger 400Gp d4 melee/range 1lbs p/s
Dagger 100gp d4 melee/range 1lbs p/s
jagged Fang 350gp d4 melee/range 1lbs p/s
Long dagger 350gp d6 melee 2lbs slashing
throwing dagger 200gp d4 melee/range 1lbs p/s


Dart 150Gp d6 thrown 1lb piercing
Fauchard 650gp d8 melee 14lbs slashing
Glaive 250Gp d10 melee 15lb Slashing
Guisarme 300gp d10 melee 15lbs slashing
Halbred 450gp d10 melee 15lbs slashing
Heavy Lance 550gp 2d6 melee 25lbs piercing
Heavy pike 350gp d10 melee 15lbs piercing
Javelin 250gp d8 thrown 4lbs piercing
Light Lance 400gp 2d4 melee 15lbs piercing
Long spear 500gp d10 thrown 6lbs piercing
Ranseur 450gp 2d4 melee 12lbs slashing
Scythe 450Gp 2d4 melee 13lbs S/P
Short spear 200Gp d6 thrown 4lbs piercing
trident 600Gp d8 melee 5lbs piercing


Bastard sword 4000Gp d12 melee 10lbs slashing
Broad sword 750gp d12 melee 8lbs slashing
Claymore 1250gp d12 melee 12lbs slashing
Cutlass 800gp d8 melee 6lbs slashing
Double Bladed Sword 5500gp d12/d12 melee 24lbs Slashing
Falchion 1500gp d12 melee 15lbs Slashing
Gladuis 600gp d6 melee 5lbs slashing
Great Sword 5000Gp 2d8 melee 35lbs Slashing
long sword 750Gp d12 melee 10lbs slashing
Rapier 500gp d6 melee 4lbs piercing
Scimitar 800gp d10 melee 7lbs slashing
Short Sword 500gp d6 melee 4lbs slashing


BlowGun 200gp - range 1/2ilb projector
Bolas(2) 200Gp - thrown 1/2ilbs tripping
Boomerang 250GP d4 thrown 1ilb thumping
Needles(20) 100gp d3 range - piercing
Slingg 50gp - range - bashing
Sling shot 100gp - range - Bashing
Throwing Axe(4) 350gp d4 thrown 1lb gashing
Throwing Daggers(6) 450gp d4 thrown 1lb piercing
Throwing Knives(6) 450gp d4 thrown 1lb piercing
Throwing stars(10) 400gp d4 thrown 1lbs piercing


Barbed Chain 3000gp d10 melee 51lbs slashing/tripping
Dark Blade 1500gp d12 melee 10lbs slashing
Katana 1000gp d10 melee 8lbs slashing
Net 200gp - thrown 2lbs restrictive
ninja-to 1000gp d10 melee 8lbs slashing
No-Dachi 2000gp d12 melee 15lbs slashing
Nunchuku 350gp d4 melee 1lbs bashing
Sia 250gp d4 melee 1lbs piercing
Shurikens(6) 500gp d4 thrown 1/2lb piercing
Wakizashi 650gp d6 melee 4lbs slashing

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