"Mineral Emporium"

You enter a well made, square, wooden shop. In the front area is a desk with a clerk writting in a ledger. To the side of the desk is a Mineral List. In the rear is shipping where orders are recieved and held until accepted. As you approach the desk the clerk hands you a minerals list and says "Welcome to the Mineral Emporium, where we pass our savings on to you. Since our prices are based on volume and difficuly to mine, and not raw value, our prices are substantualy lower than any other store in all the realms. May I help you this fine day?" She turns the ledger page, ready to take your order.

Stones are sold in chunks from the vain of the particular gem. The chunks are enough to make at least one gem with a 1 inch radius and a 1/2 inch thickness. The metals are sold by the bar. One bar is enough material to make two swords, or one chain shirt. Building materials such as Granite and marble are sold in 4' cubes.

Mineral: Cost:


Iron 200 GP
Steel 300 GP
Silver 400 GP
Gold 500 GP
Platinum 600 GP
Mythril 700 GP
Adamantine 1000 GP
Sentient 2000 GP


Granite 100 GP
Obsidian 100 GP
Marble 100 GP
Quartz 200 GP
Amber 200 GP
Aquamarine 300 GP
Blood Stone 300 GP
Beryl 400 GP
Onyx 400 GP
Turquoise 500 GP
Garnet 500 GP
Amythyst 500 GP
Pearl 550 GP
Jade 600 GP
Topaz 600 GP
Opal 600 GP
Fire Opal 900 GP
Emerald 700 GP
Saphire 700 GP
Ruby 700 GP
Diamond 1000 GP
Black Diamond 3000 GP