Magicians Oasis


3,000 gp per spell level of spells. The ruinic words on the scroll have been roughly translated for common readers. All thats needed to cast the spell on the scroll is to speak the words on the scroll. After casting the scoll disolves. Casters, if able by class and level, may copy the scroll spell from the scroll to their spell books with 2 successful intel checks. Weither the copy fails of passes, the scroll dissolves.


The Magicians Oasis boasts more than a dozen unique potions. Below is a list of potions, their cost, and their effect.

Writing utensils

Spell Books

Paper Bound Spell Book - 10 gp. This spell book is simply 150 sheets of parchment bound together with a paper of a thicker grain to serve as bindind

Hard Bound Spell Book - 20 gp. This avergae spell book is the pick of most mages. Simple in design and avilable in almost any color. This book is 200 sheets of good grade parchament bound together with a hard cover

Leather Bound Book - 30 gp. This is the choice of the more serious mages who have the extra coin for their book. The book contains 250 of the finest grade parchment sheet, bound together with your choice of cow or pig hide covers. Other hides availible upon request for an extra charge

Book of the Mystic - The secret to making these most coveted spell books is a secret known only to the Archmage of the Mage Store. The books are bound in the hide of a black dragon. An adamantine clasp and lock keeps the book closed. A piece of the owners hair is required to make the key. Once the spell book is in possesion of its owner, the person must drop a drop of their blood on the first page of the spell book. Afterwards, all ink written in the book becomes the owners blood over night. The book can disappear and appear at the owners will. Every night at midnight a slit appears in the middle of the spine of the book, where a demonic eye appears. The eye looks at who possesses the book at the time, and if its not its original owner the book will teleport itself back to its original owners care. Once the book is in your possession its impossible to get rid of. 50,000 gold



Ring of Blinking: Allows the wearer to blink to anywhere within 100', twice per day. 15,000 gold

Ring of Hiding: Gives a +10% bonus to hide checks twice per day. 10,000 gold

Ring of Climbing: Gives a continual +5% to climb checks. 5,000 gold

Ring of Elemental Blast: This ring allows for the wearer to shoot a cone of one of the elements(earth, fire, air, or water), to a distance of 30' from the user. The cone starts at half a foot in diameter, and at the largest point is 20' in diameter, hitting anything in it's path. d10 soakable damage, x2 to opposing element. 3,000 gold

Ring of Basic Elemental Resistance: Nulls 5 dmg from specific basic element per round. Element must be specified on purchase. (fire, wind, water, earth). 8,000 gold

Ring of Feather Fall: This ring allows the wearer, upon a successful Intelligence check, make a falling object within 20' of their person fall as if they were under a feather fall spell, thrice a day. No check required for wearer. 10,000 gold

Ring of Protection: Grants the wearer +3% soak. 4,000 gold

Ring of Strength: This ring grants the wearer +2 damage on all meelee attacks. 8,000 gold

Ring of Speed: Gives the wearer +1 to defense and -1 to initiative. 8,000 gold

Ring of Battle Might: Grants +2 to accuracy and defense. 8,000 gold

Ring of Regeneration: This ring heals the wearer by +2 HP per round. 5,000 gold

Ring of Swimming: This ring gives the character +15% bonus to swim checks. 2,000 gold

Ring of Telekenisis: Grants the wearer the ability of Telekenmisis, up to 100 lbs. three times per day. 8,000 gold


Bracers of Defense: Gives +2 to defense. 5,000 gold

Bracers of Protection: Grants +5% soak. 5,000 gold

Gauntlets of Strength: Gives +1 to strength. 10,000 gold

Gauntlets of Guidance: Gives +1 to accuracy and damage for a certain weapon group(piercing, slashing, blunt, thrown, axes, etc.) 4,000 gold


Glove of Storage: Allows user to store 1 medium or 2 small weapons in an extra dimensional space. 10,000 gold

Glasses of Reading: Allows the character to read any written script. 10,000 gold

Glasses of Night Sight: Gives the wearer 50' night vision(or adds to already existing night vision). 10,000 gold

Glasses of Intelligence: Gives the wearer +1 to Intelligence. 10,000 go