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Honey Pot the Pet Shop

Welcome To Our Shop! We have the best in cute animals!

Owned by: Dalador Blackrose

Greetings! Welcome to Honey Pot the Pet Shop! It's your one stop shop for your money drop on funny bunnies! We carry the finest pets and finest names in pet accesories. We hope you enjoy your visit and that you find the perfect pet for you!

We have the following products available for purchase:

The Honey Pot- When eating this honey it makes you so cute! Honey is not just for cooking but can also be used for things such as face masks. It helps your skin! Honey also has medical benefits, stopping nasty coughs for babies and for pets! Honey is such a sweet experience! +1 to Charisma checks for 1d2 h0urs. 20 gold per Honey Pot.

All of our animals have 1d3 claw/bite/etc damage, 10 to all stats, one attack, 26 all thts, and 10 hp. All of our pets cost 500g. Be sure you're picking the right pet for you before you make a purchse. Remember, they need you to take care of them. You'll be a parent!!

We have all types of puppies, kitties, bunnies, monkies, and birdies! Other exotic pets may be available on request.

Animal House- This wonderful little house comes in the perfect size for your perfectly perfect pet! It also comes with Thalog's patented animal heater for those cold nights! All loves animals need a wonderful little house of their own! 500g

Animal Carrier- This is important for some types of training and for medical visits! It's mostly for the animal's own safety. There are books in our book section on how to make sure your animal loves their carrier and isn't scared of it. 50g

Pet Toys- We have all various types of pet toys! They're needed to keep your pet happy. Your pet is like a baby and they deserve toys too! 20g

Grooming Kit- These come very specialy tailored to your pets very own needs! This is essential for a happy and clean animal! 50g

Collars, leashes, and ID tags- These are important because you dont' want your pet getting lost. There's nothing more sad than that. 50g for the set

Pet Vitamens- These keep your pet very healthy and very happy! It gives them +1 to stat checks! 50g

Breath Care- These special pet toofer brushes are just what you need so everyone else can tolerate them! +1 to your pet's Charisma checks!

Pet Potion- In case your pet gets hurt this gives 1d5 healing. 500g

Designer Pet Beds- Because your pet deserves nothing but the best! 100g

Rabies Shots, Heart worm medicines, and the like! - These are very important to give your pet so they don't get sick. 50g

Honey Pot the Pet Shop would like to remind everyone that is your pet is very sick you will need to seek out a Druid, Beastlord, or Ranger's aid. Make sure to take care of your pet just as well as you'd take care of yourself! Sadly, some pets don't work out in some homes. If you have a pet that you can no longer care for you can turn them in at Honey Pot the Pet Shop and a good home will be found for them.