Construction Yard

"Building your dreams."

Below is a list of commonly used rooms and constructs, as well as their typical price. All prices are quoted for stone construction, but timber may be suplimented at -1/3% of the price. If you don't see what it is your looking for in particular, then contact the store owner to get a specific quote.


Blank rooms such as rooms to be used for dining area and living rooms come at a rate of 500 gold per square foot.

Bed Chambers

The standard bed chamber is a 10 square foot chamber with a 3'x8' closet space. Bed chambers may be expanded for 500 gold a square foot. 2,000 gold.

Bathing Chambers

A large pool is cut out of the bottom of this 20 square foot room. The water is continuously piped out to be heated by furnace and pumped back in. 5,000 gold.


Kitchens are built with large counters and expansive cabnets on top and bottom. In the center of the kitchen is a large counter with a pan rack hanging over head. Comes with a stone stove and sink. 3,000 gold


Ideal for smaller vessels. From row boats to yahts. Standard docks are built 50 feet long, but can be built longer for 20 gold per foot. 1,000 gold


The standard whaft accomodates 1 large ship or several smaller vessels, but additional ship ports can be added for 4,000 gold each. Comes complete with cranes for moving heavy cargo. 10,000 gold.


May be built in a house or detached. A large room (50'x 30'), and a sizable storage room (5' feet deep x 10' across) with ample shelves. Comes complete with 3 liquid storage tanks, 5 heavy stone tables for work area, and 10 smaller wooden tables. The walls are stone to prevent fire, and can have shelves built into them. 20,000 gold.


Vaults with heavy stone and metal walls can be added to the first floor or basement. The standard vault is a 20 square foot room with a heavy locked door on one wall. Can be built bigger for 1,000 gold a square foot. 40,000 gold.


It costs 500 gold to add a small closet to your building plan. And up to 2,000 gold for larger walk in closets.


Stone walls may be built around place of dwelling. 30k for a 20' wall. 1,000 gold every additional foot.


These large ditches are dug around places of dwelling to fend off attackers. May be filled with any liquid you wish. 20k gold (draw bridge included in price.) Add a portcullis for an additional 5k.

Guard Tower

The basic tower design is a sleek stone cylinder with 2 floors and arrow slits all the way around it. But the tower design can be altered to house an array of other weapons, such as balista and catapult. Built with a closed roof or battlements. 10,000 gold. Additional floors 3,000 gold


A 20 square foot area built with large furnaces and billows. Complete with work benches and tool storage. (tools not included). 20,000 gold.