(All Priests)
all priests have access to this Sphere, allowing them to heal friends, loved ones, or those that are faithful. Unless specified, healing spells have no effects on undead, including Lycanthropes or Vampires. Spells from this sphere are not subject to any armor penalties.

Cure Small wounds: curing 1d6+1 (per 2 levels, 3rd level is 1d6+2, so one cannot go above +4)
Level one priests of this sphere can also: Bless/Purify water (20ft circle) (Holy water attacks are ranged 30ft doing d6 damage, or 2d6 damage to all undead)
Sense Magic (60ft circle)
Detect Poison (30 ft Sphere)
Detoxify Wounds (one target per round)
Minor Blessings: gives one subject per 2 levels of priest 5 extra hp for d6 rounds.
Level 5: Cure Medium Wounds, curing 2d8+1 (per 2 levels, 7th level is 2d8+2 cannot go above +4)
Level 8:Cure Heavy Wounds, curing 3d10+1 (per 2 levels 10th level is 3d10+2 and so on). They also have the ability to cure diseases, remove scars, and cure mental illnesses.
Level 10: priests have the ability to Regenerate Lost Limbs, they also get the ability to Resurrect fallen warriors. (Body with a head and heart required).
Priests at this level can also redeem a characters soul, washing away their sins. (Examples, fallen knight, a druid that is cast out for crimes against nature)
Level 15: Priests can Cure Vampirism and Lycanthropy; this is a very taxing ritual that requires one full day of meditation and two days performing the rites. The cured player then spends 2 more days in suspended animation before being 100 percent cured.
Level 20: priests can call upon their god/goddess to perform a True Resurrection. This requires no body, only one item of those persons to get the spiritual imprint. This kind of resurrection requires a week of meditation, an offering to the priestās god (i.e. Vala goddess of beauty would be something beautiful like gems, The god of Justice would require setting a wrong right). The resurrected character spends one week in suspended animation before being 100 percent alive.

(Kaley, Patrig, Lar, Ryune)

(Note all prayers advance as the priest levels up)
Confusion: This prayer gives a -1 tht and -1 defense (per 4 levels at level 4 it goes up to -2, and so on) for d4+ level of priest.
Darkness: A globe of darkness that spreads 20 ft from the caster, blinding all opponents for d4+ level of caster.
Screaming Skin: This prayer causes painful boils to erupt on the skin of the target, causing d6 damage per 4 levels of caster.
Blood Burn: This prayer does internal non soakable damage by heating the targets blood for d8 damage per 4 levels of caster.

(Kaley, Lar, Kazbin)

Power Strike: This spell, when cast upon a weapon gives it a +2 (per 4 levels of caster, at level 4 it goes up to +4 and so forth) damage to weapons for 1d4+level of caster rounds.
Stun: When the target is hit with a stun prayer, they lose a turn per two levels of caster (cannot exceed 5 rounds)
Rally: When the cleric rallies the troops they give a +1 tht +1 defense (per 4 levels of caster) to the party for 1d6+ level of caster rounds.
Mighty Roar: A deafening roar that the gods channel through the priest, causing 1d6 (per 4 levels of caster) non soakable damage and deafens the targets (equal to casters level) for 1d6 + level of caster rounds.

(Kaley, Chadice, Orchize, Vala)

Blessed Burst: This prayer when casts is like a small explosion, doing 1d6+wisdom bonus / 2 levels of the priest.
Aura of Protection: +15% soak per 4 levels of the priest.
Heavens Ball: An pure white ball of energy that is channels through the priest out of their fingertips, a powerful spell doing 1d8+wisdom bonus dmg per 2 levels of the caster.
Lights of Glory: A dazzling display of colored light that can illuminate a 30ft radius around the caster. These lights can also dazzle an opponent, giving them a -1tht/4 levels of caster due to blindness.

(Xau, Ryune)

Deathās Breath: A deep lungful of blessed air that washes over enemies, drawing out 1d6+wisdom bonus per 2 levels per round of damage. (Non soakable)
Sightless Eye: A prayer that when casts, causes blood to pour forth from the targets eyes, doing an initial d8+wis bonus damage/2 levels of the caster as well as giving a -1tht per 4 levels of the priest, to the target due to blindness.
Spirit Shroud: This prayer surrounds the target with a veil of unrested spirits. The target takes -1 to tht to hit and evade for 1d4 rounds /per four levels of caster for the duration of spar or battle.
Fright: When cast, the target is scared, unable to attack, or cast for 1d6 rounds per 4 level of the caster. They may evade, flee, or cower when cornered.
Communications: This prayer opens the gateway between the realm of the living and the dead, allowing the priest to speak with a spirit that has been dead 10 years per level of the priest.

(Desdemona, Chadice, Vala, Mershi, Avolonia)

Twisted Heart: A prayer that sends gut wrenching sorrow to the target, causing them to loose their next 1d4 turns per 4 levels of the caster
Calm: This prayer of comfort that can subdue a creature for 1d4 per 5 levels of the caster. Animal Compassion: This allows the priest to shift into feral form for d6 rounds/ 4 levels of the caster Giving them Melee bite dmg of 2d4+str bonus, and melee claw damage of 2d6+str bonus.
Pain: An internal jolt of searing pain racks the targets nerves, causing 1d6+wisdom damage per 2 levels of the priest.

(Kazbin, Xau, Orchize)

Mental Blast: A powerful psi-bolt that blasts the target for 1d8+wisdom bonus / 2 levels of the caster.
Trained Eye: This prayer gives the priest a +2 damage for every 4 levels he has. This last for the duration of the spar or battle
Psi-Blade: A prayer brings forth a deadly Psi-Sword that does 1d6+wis bonus damage /2 levels of the caster, lasts till either unsummoned or duration of spar/battle
Levitate: This spell allows the priest to levitate 5 foot high (10 feet at level 10) for distances of 10ft/2 levels of the caster.

(Vala, Mershi, Tierra, Avolonia)

Water walk: When casted, a priest can walk on water, ice, or even walk on top of mist for 10/ft per every 2 levels of the priest.
Ice Spear: This prayer creates a 10 ft Javelin of pure ice that hurls itself towards its target, up to 30 ft, for 1d6+wis bonus damage for ever 2 caster levels.
Fire wave: A wave of fire that rises from the earth, awashing an area of 10ft X 10ft, burning everything within the area for 2d8+wis bonus /4 levels of the caster.
Whipping Winds: This small summoned cyclone can drop down upon a creature. The winds are so strong the target cannot attack, cast, or evade for d4rounds /5 levels of the caster.

(Kazbin, Xau, Tierra)

Holy bolt: The priest, calling on the powers of their god, brings forth a bolt of pure holy synergy that does 1d8+wis bonus damage/ 2 levels of caster.
Magic Manicales: These holy maniacs form around the targets wrists and ankles, immobilizing them for d4 rounds per 5 levels of the caster.
Protection: This prayer helps protect the priest, giving them a +15% soak per 4 levels of the priest for the duration of the battle/spar.
Call of the Calvary: This spell summons up a power spirit horse that tramples over the target for 1d6+wis bonus damage per 2 levels of the caster.

(Mershi, Patrig, Desdemona, Avolonia)

Jump: This prayer allows the priest to teleport 5ft/4 levels of the caster. If used to evade an attack, the attacker gets a divine resist save.
Portal: This prayer allows the priest to open a portal to a destination up to 100 miles away /2 levels of caster. The portal is accurate within 100 miles of the intended destination.
Subterfuge: This fast talking prayer befuzzles the target, stupifying them for 1d4 rounds/ 5 levels of the caster. The stupified creature cannot attack, or cast, only evade and save.
Displacement: When casted at the target, the structure of its body is semi-phased, wracking them with unbelevable agony, causing 1d8+wis bonus damage / 2 levels of the priest.

(Chadice, Desdemona)

Ooopps: This prayer makes the target trip rather roughly over their own two feet, causing 1d6+wis bonus per 2 levels of the priest.
Twist of Fate: A prayer that jinx's the target, giving them a -1tht per every 4 levels. to attack, evade, save, and cast for the duration of the spar or battle.
Chance Guard: This prayer gives +15% soak/ 4 levels for the duration of the spar/battle Second Chance: This prayer gives the target one extra attack/spell for 1d2 round/4 levels of the caster.

(Lar, Ryune)

Terror Globe: When the target is engulfed in this black globe, they become terror stricken and unable to move for 1d4 rounds / 4 levels of the caster.
Evil Surge: A ball of pure evil that hurls itself at the target, causing 1d8+wis bonus/2 levels of the caster of damage.
Wicked Laughter: This prayer causes the target to bleed from the ears, for 1d6+wis bonus/2 levels of the caster damage.
Silence: This spell can totally salience its target for 1d4 rounds/4 levels of the caster.

(Tierra, Orchize, Desdemona)

AntiMagic Field: An Aura surrounds the priest, blocking the effects of all spells, songs, prayers, for 1d4/5 levels of the caster.
Magic Spike: A jolt n the air around the target cracks with static before coming together in a shocking bolt that does 1d8+wis bonus/2 levels of priest worth of damage
Disenchant: This spell disenchants any object equal to less that the priests level for 1d4 rounds/5 levels of the caster.
Arcaniac Wave: A magical wave that does 1d6+wis bonus/2 levels of the caster of damage to anything within an 10ft by 10ft area.