Touch of Chill
Range: TouchDuration: Instant
Damage: 1D6Save: Successful Evade/Defense Roll
With a touch from your hand, a touch of death is sent through the target. Disrupts the life force of living creatures by sending a slight wave of fear of death throughout their body, which makes them suffer a -2tht penalty on Attack and Evade Rolls (lasts up to D4 Rounds). Each touch channels negative energy that deals 1D6 damage and possibly also a 1-point of temporary Strength damage (A Successful Intelligence Roll will negate this, the strength damage will heal itself after one hour unless healed before that time is up). The damage is soakable.
Death's Grip
Range: TouchDuration: Instant
Damage: 1D6Save: Willpower
When touching the target you direct a shock wave of positive energy. The spell uses the powers of death to numb the area slightly, causing d6 damage to the opponent. This damage is unsoakable
Twisted Soul
Range: 10 FtDuration: 1D6 Rounds
Damage: NoneSave: None (harmless)
This spell allows a spirit to become visible; all persons within the range can communicate with the spirit. The spirit itself is harmless.
Death's Breath
Range: 25 FtDuration: Instant
Damage: 1D4 +2Save: Successful Evade Roll
The caster breathes out a breath of death chill. Spell damage is soakable
Death Watch
Range: 30 FtDuration: 1 Round per Level
Damage: NoneSave: None
The caster can tell if there are any undead by using the powers of the nonliving. You can determine the condition of creatures near death within the spell's range
Ghost Shroud
Range: 25 FtDuration: 1D6 Rounds
Damage: NoneSave: None
The necromancer appears almost transparent, giving the target a -1Tht
Cavorting Bones
Range: 10 FtDuration: Instant
Damage: NoneSave: None
Summons only skeletons. These skeletons, unlike minions can deal no damage, instead they can do minor errands for the necromancer. The necromancer can call these skeletons off at command. (1 per 5 Levels; Totaling 4 at Level 20)
Spine Tingle
Range: 25ftDuration: 1d4 rounds
Damage: NoneSave: Willpower
When cast, it startles the opponent, causing them to drop their weapon for 1d4 rounds.

Death Shift
Range: SelfDuration: 2 Rounds per Level
Damage: NoneSave: None
Spell allows the necromancer to appear completely dead, with no pulse or visible breath. Wisdom Check at -5 to notice Necromancer is still alive.
Soul Shatter
Range: 30 FtDuration: Instant
Damage: 1D6 +2 (not soakable)Save: Willpower
This spell twists the targets soul, sending a sharp pain ripping throughout the target's body
Fast Rot
Range: 30 FtDuration: 3 rounds
Damage: 1D4 Save: Successful Evade Roll
The spell sends out a sphere that can rot the targetís flesh quickly, doing 1D4 damage for 3 Rounds. (Soakable)
Disease Cloud
Range: 30 FtDuration: 10 Seconds
Damage: 1d4 damage per round until curedSave: Successful Evade Roll
Makes a thick cloud that decreases current Hit Points
Death Knell
Range: TouchDuration: Instant
Damage: 1D6 +1 per 2 LevelsSave: Willpower
You draw forth the ebbing life force of a badly wounded creature and use it to fuel your own life. You touch a living creature with 5 HP or less left. If the creature fails the saving throw, it dies, and you gain 1D4 temporary hp up to the casters total hp. (i.e. is you have 20 total hp, you cannot go over 20) (Nonsoakable)
Range: 30ftDuration: Instant
Damage: NoneSave: None (harmless)
This spell can release any spirits bound to the earth, letting the soul finally find peace.

Spirit Message
Range: NoneDuration: Instant
Damage: NoneSave: None
Using the powers of the spirit realm, a necromancer can relay messages to others. These messages travel with the speed of the spirit world, reaching across the world in the mere matter of Seconds.
Ghoul Touch
Range: TouchDuration: 1D6 Rounds
Damage: NoneSave: Willpower
Imbuing you with negative energy, this spell allows you to paralyze a single humanoid
Moderate Wounds
Range: TouchDuration: Instant
Damage: 2D3 +1 per spell Level (up to 5 Levels)Save: Willpower (undead get no saving throw as it is harmless to them)
When laying your hand upon a creature, you channel negative energy. Since undead creatures are powered by negative energy, this spell cures them, rather then harms them. (Non soakable)
Command Undead
Range: 50 ft.Duration: d4 rounds
Damage: NoneSave: Willpower if intelligent creature (i.e. Vampire, Ghoul) unintelligent creature get none (i.e. Skeletons, Zombies)
This spell can control undead, making them do the necromancers bidding (unless its suicide) The necromancer cannot make any other actions until they break their hold on the undead creature(s)
Screaming Skull
Range: 100 feetDuration: Instant
Damage: d9Save: Willpower
The caster with his palms outward, channels the magic of the undead into a burst forming into a skull aspiration The skull screams and deafens the target for d6 rounds, doing d9 damage.
Blood weep
Range: 10 FtDuration: Instant
Damage: 1D8Save: Successful Willpower Roll
This horrific spell causes blood vessels in the eye sockets to burst and blood to pour forth from the eyes.
Clutch of Xau
Range: 30 FtDuration: 3 Rounds
Damage: 1D6Save: Successful Willpower Roll
Deals 1D6 dmg and paralyzes foe for three rounds

Range: TouchDuration: Instant
Damage: 1D10Save: Successful Willpower Roll
Calling upon the venomous powers of natural predators, you inflict the subject with a horrible poison. .
Kiss of Death
Range: 10 FtDuration: Instant
Damage: 2D8Save: Successful Willpower Roll
The necromancer draws a part of the life force out of a target, the necromancer then takes it into themselves, healing themselves, for whatever the amount of damage taken.
Shade Spray
Range: 50 FtDuration: Instant
Damage: 2D6Save: Evade
This spell requires a bone or handful of small bones (like from a hand) as a physical component. The necromancer crushes the bones in his hands, and throws them at the target. The fragments splinter and impale the target. Damage is also doubled if the bone of a supernatural creature is used. (Dragon, Demons, etc.)
Death Ward
Range: TouchDuration: 1 round per Level
Damage: NoneSave: None
The subject is Immune to all death spells and magical death effects. This spell does not protect against poisons, petrifaction, or any other effects even if they are lethal
Range: 50 FtDuration: 1 Round per Level
Damage: NoneSave: Willpower
An invisible cone of terror causes Minor Creatures to become panicked. They flee from you.
Critical Wounds
Range: TouchDuration: Instant
Damage: 2D4+1 per Level (up to 10 Levels)Save: Evadable (undead get no save as it is harmless to them)
When laying your hand upon a creature, you channel negative energy. Since undead creatures are powered by negative energy, this spell cures them, rather then harms them
Grim Aura
Range: NoneDuration: Instant
Damage: NoneSave: None
Your attack rating increases by +3tht for D4 Rounds
Minor Minion Protection
Range: SelfDuration: Battle/Quest no save
Damage: NoneSave: None
A necromancer minions gain 20% soak to damage

Soul bind
Range: TouchDuration: Until
Damage: NoneSave: None
A necromancer can touch a dead ally, storing there soul within themselves.
Birds of caron
Range: 20 ftDuration: instant
Damage: NoneSave: None
A necromancer can summon a swarm of unnatural vultures. These strange creatures will completely devour a dead target in 3 rounds.
Death Walk
Range: 5 ftDuration: 4 rnds
Damage: noneSave: none
The necromancer can open a gate through Xao's realm. Here the Necromancer can lead his party through a void in the land of death, than can virtually bring the necromancer anywhere in orthos in the matter of seconds. Necromancer must have seen the location of the opposite gate, VIA own eyes, or magic
Sight of Xao
Range: sightDuration: Instant
Damage: NoneSave: Willpower
A necromancer can examine self or other to instantly identify his or targetís condition. Knowing instantly the ways to kill, cure, or heal target
Call of the Dead
Range: 50 ft per 2 levels of NecromancerDuration: Duration of battle
Damage: NoneSave: willpower -2
Call of the dead summons the last cries of anything dead and buried within range. The necromancer calls up a terrifying sound of those souls laid to rest in are invoking mass fear in enemies and allies alike. Causes -2 tht and saves
Wall of Bone
Range: 20 ftDuration: 2000 structural points
Damage: NoneSave: None
Caster summons a wall of bones to hinder his opponent from reaching him. Climbing the wall deals a d6 dmg to the opponent, as well as requires 6 Dex checks or 3 Rogue climb walls checks to get past.
Brittle bones
Range: TouchDuration: Until end of battle
Damage: NoneSave: Willpower
All damage inflicted upon the target of this spell gains a additional +4, as well as a -2 to Tht, and Saves

Hellish Fear
Range: 40 ftDuration: d6+int bonus
Damage: NoneSave: WP
When casted, this dark spell sends an intense fear through the target. The fear is so great and overpowering it overwhelms the opponent, causing thier attack and evade drop -5.
Range: TouchDuration: Permanent until regenerated
Damage: NoneSave: Willpower
a Necromancer can completely destroy an injured limb on an enemy for the duration of the battle, leaving the enemy missing an arm or leg.
Bag of bones
Range: TouchDuration: Instant
Damage: NoneSave: none
A necromancer creates a magical bag that levitates before him bursting for d6+casting tht. Skeleton undead minions (Skeletons 10 hp, d6 claw, one attack, save and attack a +0tht&save)
Range: TouchDuration: Until revived
Damage: NoneSave: None
A necromancer can touch a dead ally, and save the soul of said person by invoking Xao (or target's god) to harbor their soul for safekeeping. Inflicts 1d6 damage on caster if failed.
Unholy Aura
Range: 100 ftDuration: 1d12+level of caster
Damage: NoneSave: Willpower
All priests within 100 ft of necromancer must pass their saves or prayers are spoken at -5 tht
Wraith Shade
Range: 10 ftDuration: Until offensive action is taken
Damage: NoneSave: None
The necromancer can call upon Xao for aide in hiding from unwanted eyes. The shade shields them from view, making them invisible.
Range: TouchDuration: Instant
Damage: 2d8/per 4 caster level/+ int bonusSave: None
Upon a simple touch, the Necromancer can enforce a shock of rapid growth in a target. Their body cells split and multiply 100 fold rendering the victim screaming in pain as their skin tears open to accommodate the rapid growth of bone and muscle Level 7

Negative energy
Range: 20 ftDuration: 1d12+level of caster rounds
Damage: NoneSave: Willpower
When cast on an item it makes the item unusable for any living being. If the item is in someoneís possession then the target gets a save roll. Undead wielding a negatively charged item get +5 tht, and +5 to damage.
Corpse explosion
Range: 40 ftDuration: Instant
Damage: 1d15+caster levelSave: Save defense half dmg
The ability to make a corpse explode, damaging those with a 40 ft area.
Soul Bondage
Range: TouchDuration: until dispelled
Damage: noneSave: willpower
The Necromancer captures the soul of a target storing it within one of his minions
Bone Prison
Range: 40 ftDuration: 2500 structure points
Damage: noneSave: defense -10
In a 40 ft area 4 walls of bone arise from the ground, closing with a bone canopy.
Unconsecrated Ground
Range: 40 ftDuration: instant
Damage: noneSave: defense -10
Necromancer can invoke the energy in the ground itself to swallow up targetís body. Slowly the negative energies eat away at their spirit causing immense pain. For 3 rounds Orthos itself will retake the life as it feeds. During the three rounds, each round the target gets willpower save to break the spell. If target fails all three willpower saves, he is consumed by Orthos; a restless spirit evermore.
Hysteric Terror
Range: one targetDuration: until dead or dispelled
Damage: 1d2 dmg till deathSave: Willpower
Drawing on every bad thing a target has ever done, the caster can inflict a brief spell of the pain they will suffer after death while they are living. The feeling and appearance of instant white flames spring forth from their flesh and reduces them to a screaming mass of pain. Level 8

Hair Pull
Range: TouchDuration: Until death
Damage: 1d8 claw dmg +str of victimSave: defense
The victim grows talons, clawing itself to death, ripping at its own body, with his own deformed nails.
Canopic jars
Range: TouchDuration: Death or until dispelled
Damage: 1d6 per organSave: Willpower
The necromancer draws upon an ancient and deadly practice and draws the energy out of vital organs, one by one, causing the target's body to dry up and wither from the inside. If the target does not pass each save, they eventfully die and cannot be resurrected without the possession of each canopic jar
Ship of Bones
Range: 100 ftDuration: 2500 structure points, only 1 can exist per caster
Damage: noneSave: None
The necromancer creates a skeletal three mast airship, that the necromancer can steer mentally.
Death Empower
Range: TouchDuration: One charge
Damage: noneSave: none
Can empower an item with negative energy. Can add plusses to damage and Tht magically to items (Max +5 dmg) as well as spell effects (Max example +10 disease dmg). Each plus will equal spell level of the enchantment. Each spell level will cost the Necromancer Experience. Using this standard. Level 1=20xp, Level 2=100xp level 3=500xp Level4=1000xp Level 5=2000xp, Level 6=3000xp, level 7=5000xp Level 8=7500xp, Level 9=10,000xp, Level 10=20,000xp. Necromancer cannot pay experience that would make him go down a level.
Range: TouchDuration: Permanent
Damage: noneSave: none
Makes death empower permanent. Cost a set 1200 exp to cast
Crushing rib cage
Range: 40 ftDuration: 2500 structure points
Damage: noneSave: defense -10
in a 40 ft area 4 walls of bone arise from the ground, closing with a bone canopy. The walls start to implode. Within 1d6+5 rounds it will be inflicting d12 dmg. After it starts inflicting damage, the dome will completely implode in 6 rounds crushing all within to death. Soul exchange
Range: TouchDuration: permanent or until a necromancer swaps back
Damage: noneSave: willpower
The Necromancer swaps the soul of two beings it is touching at the same time. He uses his body as a bridge.