Welcome to the shop for everything you might need out on the high seas. Owned and operated by a sailor and follower of the Goddess of the Sea, this shop is designed to fit your sailing needs. All orders may be sent to Orthos

SailsFor all types of ships.1000gp/sail
RopeBraided rope sturdy enough to hold a ship.100gp/100ft
ChainsMetal Links in a chain for use on a ship.200gp/100ft
Hammer50gp ea.
Sewing KitIncludes:Thread, Needles, Pins.100gp
NeedlesFor Sewing.45gp/pkg5
Cannon Balls1d30dmg100gp/ea
Mortar and Pestle100gp/25lbs
Leather Log BookAlready set up for daily logs35gp
QuillFeather Quill4gp/ea
ChartsSea locations marked off on a grid with landmarks.200gp/ea
MapsOf the ocean and bays of the known world200gp/ea
JournalMade of Leather15gp/ea
Ink Well4gp/ea
Compass To determine North, South, East and West.600gp/ea
SundailTo determine the time of day using the sun.1500gp
Star ChartLocations of the stars in different areas at different times of year and how they move.400gp/ea
Lesser Healing PotionHeals 1d4.100gp/ea
Medium Healing PotionHeals 1d8200gp/ea
PotionOne use, cures seasickness.300gp/ea
Tongue RingGives +2dmg50 000gp/ea
Gold Hoop Earrings3000gp/pair
Capital Knife(Amputation Knife)Used in the process of amputation to divide the cutaneous and subcutaneous tissue to the bone. Amputation knives came in several different lengths, generally 8-11 inches long and tapered to a point400gp/ea
CauteryThis blistering iron is used to raise a therapeutic blister as well as for cauterizing uncontrollable hemorrhaging.200gp/ea
Goat's Foot ElevatorUsed for lifting the roots of the incisors and canine teeth. Due to its' shape, it also has some function as an extraction device for stumps and roots.400gp/ea
DirectorUsed to direct the sharp blade of a surgical incision knife (scalpel) into a wound or incision without damaging more soft tissue700gp/ea
TenaculumThis is a small hook designed to assist the surgeon during amputation by seizing the end of a vein or artery.400gp/ea
Double RetractorsThis instrument is used to retract soft tissue during surgical procedures.600gp/ea
Capital SawUsed to saw through tissue, bone and muscle during amputation.700gp/ea
CatlinThis is a small, rather delicate dagger-pointed, double-edged surgical knife used to separate the ligaments between two bones and around joints.200gp/ea
TrephineThe trephine is a round or conical saw used for removing a disk of bone from the cranium. The opening is then used to introduce either a small cranial saw or an elevator to remove or lift back into proper position pieces of bone depressed during a fracture.2000gp/ea
Bistoury KnifeA bistoury is a knife with a long cutting edge of uniform breadth. The blade may be straight or curved and the point blunt or sharp: it is generally used for cutting the internal organs of the body and often only one section of the blade is sharpened.500gp/ea
TourniquetA tourniquet is a device for reducing the pressure of arterial blood during an amputation or treatment of a deep wound.100gp/20yrd
Leather ApronSelf Explanitory. Good item when using surgical tools150gp/ea
Broadsword/Cavalry Sword1d10+2dmg600gp
Small Sword1d6dmg300gp
Plug Bayonet1d10dmg200gp
Boarding Axe1d10+4dmg Axe used for boarding ships1000gp
Boarding Pike1d10+4dmg Pike used to climb onto ships during boarding raids750gp
Belaying Pin1d8dmg500gp